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Our Famous Spices

Spice In Food

Looking to make a seafood-based soup, salad or stew? Do not forget to spice up the dish with spices and herbs. Squid, shrimp, octopus and mussels have a mild, neutral flavor. That is why a large number of spices and spices are suitable for them - hot, sour and even sweet. The choice is limited only by your imagination. How to season a seafood dish?

White pepper: mild taste and aroma

White pepper has a milder aroma and less pungent taste than black pepper. Therefore, if you do not like too spicy dishes, feel free to take this particular spice!

Sprinkle squid and shrimp with white pepper when cooking. Don't forget to add it to the spicy pickle if you marinate seafood before grilling.

Bay leaf: a versatile spice in recipes

Bay leaf is a universal seasoning for all dishes. Use it to make seafood soups. Add a couple of fragrant leaves at the very end of cooking, and then remove from the broth.

There is a universal recipe for boiling shrimp - add a small bunch of finely chopped dill, a pinch of white pepper and 2-3 bay leaves into the broth.

Nutmeg: a spice for mussels and octopus

Just a pinch of chopped nutmeg is enough to "transform" meat and vegetable dishes. It gives a delicate sweetish taste and aroma. The spice will also complement seafood - especially octopuses and mussels.

In cooking, when preparing seafood, both the nut itself and its peel can be used. The kernel of the fruit is pre-crushed, sprinkled with products before pickling and directly during heat treatment. Fresh nutmeg is richer in taste, and not the dried spice that is presented in bags on store shelves. The peel of a nut is not very common in home cooking. It is most often used by chefs in restaurants. The rind is also finely grated and added to creamy and cheese sauces, which then complement seafood dishes. It is also possible to introduce grated peel into squid minced meat for making cutlets.

Ginger: A Hot Spice for Seafood Dishes

Ginger is a classic culinary spice. It is added to the first and second courses, even desserts. And it is not for nothing that spicy pickled ginger becomes an indispensable accompaniment to sushi and rolls. Dried or fresh ginger gives a spicy note and an original refreshing aftertaste to stews and fish and seafood salads. Fans of sharper dishes will definitely like it!

If you're making seafood salad, ginger (fresh or dried) can be added to the dressing. It is added to soups at the very end of cooking. A safe bet is to add ginger to the creamy sauce you serve with the grilled shrimp.

Melissa: a dish with a hint of lemon

Dried or fresh lemon mint (also known as lemon balm) is a versatile condiment that will add a fresh lemon flavor to any dish. And since seafood is often poured with lemon juice during cooking, lemon balm will only enhance the taste of such a marinade.

Add lemon balm to any hot squid and shrimp dish. Also finely chopped fresh leaves of the plant can be added to salads based on a seafood cocktail.

Tarragon: a spice for shellfish and squid

Tarragon is not commonly used in home cooking. And in vain!

Many people know tarragon by another name - tarragon. The plant is famous for its pleasant aroma, slightly tart and piquant taste. Tarragon is able to focus on other herbs. But if you add more of it to the dish, the spice will "kill" the rest of the seasonings.

Tarragon is believed to perfectly complement the delicate flavors of squid and shellfish. And it is especially noticeable in combination with acidic foods - lemon or cranberries, for example. Therefore, if you pour lemon juice on a dish or prepare a sour sauce for it, add tarragon to the recipes. Often, fresh tarragon leaves serve as a side dish - a great addition to lobster and squid. Flavor the tarragon on the seafood pickling mix.

Fennel: seafood with a "summer flavor"

Fennel is a juicy fruit that will decorate seafood dishes with its taste and aroma. Ideal seasoning for mussels and rapanas, as well as oily sea fish. Moreover, all parts of the plant are used in cooking. The leaves will serve not only as a spice, but also as a salad decoration. And the seeds, since they have a more intense aroma, are added to soups and main dishes, marinades. Fennel literally exudes the "smell of summer" - one of the best seasonings in winter.

Try combining fennel and ginger. The neutral taste of fennel makes the ginger less pungent.

Basil: a spice for squid

Basil is a decoration for tomato sauces, salads with tomatoes and cheese, pasta. Seasoning sets off the taste of seafood too!

Basil, added to squid when stewing, gives them a beautiful golden hue - even an ordinary dish turns into a "festive" one. You can use fresh or dried spice.


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